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Scarlet Spear: 27.3.16


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"Limbo’s Stasis duration now has diminishing returns on Sentients and Amalgams when the power is used repeatedly. This choice was made for 2 main reasons:

  • 1) Limbo’s Stasis usage makes the gameplay of the Scarlet Spear far too trivial.
  • 2) Sentients by design have Adaptation - and the diminishing returns on recasting adheres to the adaptive nature of the enemy. 
  • This is not intended to change the way Stasis interacts with other enemy factions."

Thanks for making Limbo not only boring but useless against sentients too.

how come that the master of the Rift Plane (as you interduced him during his own quest) become a *@##$ to sentients because they can adapt??

if thats the case you should also do the same when frost freezes them, ember sets them on fire, oberons confusion garden.....you have almost 50 warframes in the game,,,, i could countiue pointing them all out....in the end the only one that can do something against them would be Excal Umbra, or do you plan on nerving his blinding warcry as well so that sentient can adapt to the adapt removal too? lol

instead of making limbo actually fun to play, and maybe preserve what little meaning limbo as a frame has left (since he was already an, press 2 and 4 Frame)..nah srew that, lets make him even more useless and boring to play... good job DE. this one was almost as good as the Spider Itzal ability.

you guys should really sitting down together and think about what you actually trying to do with you game.

also i thought that Squadlink or Oplink, whatever its called is supposed to be a mechanic that works accross the whole game, not just a node on the star chart.

i think its time for you guys to start humble yourselfes and admit to the community that you have no idea what you're doing with the game and seek help from those few vets that are still here, before they decide to leave the game as well. DE-Scott is leading by example. (A Big Thumbs Up for that)

The Vets have been making some very good points on how to improve the overall game. and none of them has been talking about a space roomba or a vector pad being essential for the game. soo i think it's time for you guys to cut the bullS#&$ and start to taking the game that you're making a little more serious, but also have a player mindset behind it, since your paychecks are heavely depending on the people playing and enjoying your game.

speaking of which, have you guys ever thought about your game from a player perspective?? like, would you play your own game in your free time, if you were not the developers of it? just for the enjoiment? i'm having my doubts about it and i'm sure im not the only one that thinks that way.

i mean, the ideas you have for the game are great and ambitious, however they just end up being test projects, seperated from the rest of the game and the never evolve from that. it happend with the plains, 4tuna, teh old blood, railjack, sactuary onslaught, arbitrations...you name it....

this is just a little rant, however i'm working on a extensive document with a much more constructive feedback and lots of ideas that i would like to present to you, that might actually change this whole thing around and save the game from its nose dive into oblivion.


Here's one of the ideas that i came up with, that could spice things up a bit in terms of providing a challenge in the game:

Lets say you have a mission node that for example is also a nightmare mission on that same node. and lets that the fissure mission is also on that same node..and that node, belong to the Liches territory (just to present the example with a few game modes, that are already ingame). what you could do, instead of have 4 options to choose what you wanna do on that node, if you decide to enter this mission, you will have to deal with all the conditions of those modes at once and if you succeed, you get reward from all those missions.

So in other words. you will have certain nodes, that have a spike in difficulty based on what is happening on that specific node and you can pool the rewards from all these game mode into one.

so you could crack open relics, while having a no shield condition from nightmare, and with a chance of being attacked by your lich and his man, while having to fight off all the other enemies that are already present on the basic planet in the mission that you do. and for the cherry on top the arbitration is also there, so no respawn unless someone revives you .

and in order for all this to apply in the missions, you need to reach a certain mastery rank to unlock those modes.

Also add a rarity systems to the Frames and weapons with slightly randomized stats to it, because once you have one of the weapons or what ever, you wont need another ever again. so every other duplicate you get is just a waste of space and a waste of time.

Boom there you have a challenge for the game, you're welcome.


Here's a little bonus:

Use Squadlink, to regroup with other squads on ongoing endless mission! not just the first 5 min.

for example, you're running survival and lets say you're 30min in and one of the teammates wants to leave. After he left, the squadlink starts to fuse squads together that are running the same mission. lets say one of your team left at 30min and there is another player on another squad, that is currenty running the mission alone. let those 2 squads join together so you have a 4 man team at all time during endless missions (given of course that you are running public)

make it possible so that you can invite you friends of clan mates into ongoin missions as real back up(not that lich specter). that way you can also invite your friend that might be late for the action, to join the fun without everybody having to stop the mission just to invite him and then having to start again from scratch.

soo after all this being said, because of a rant on limbo, lol

this clearly shows my love and passion that i have for this game, if im willing to sit here and tipe a huge wall of text.

and yes DE there might be some harsh words in here, but it seems that you guys are in a desperate need for tough love, so i'm gonna give it to you.


BUT IN ORDER FOR THIS TO WORK, YOU THE DEVS AND THE VETERAN COMMUNITY (backers of the early game) NEED TO WORK TOGETHER...because the casual community will destroy the longevity of the game if you keep listening to them, simply because they dont play the game as much and i'm a casual player as well, but i like the game enough to see it's flaws and point them out objectively.

Soo lets see, if DE will ever read this and if they do, what they are going to do with this. should DE wanna reach out to me, feel free. im always open for a healthy and productive discussion.

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16 hours ago, Mikah-Nator_X said:

I noticed that the rush aura mod for Warframes has zero impact, no matter what frame I use. I’m not sure if it affects gameplay or not, but when using it in the mod interface, it definitely doesn’t increase the running value. 

thank you

The effects on aura activates on missions. Try on a mission and see if it's working.

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For one of the Boss reworks, could you make it so that Everytime you do a Boss fight, it looks through your inventory and gives you a Warframe part that you don't have yet? That would be amazing. When I was trying to get Frost, I had to run the mission 20 time, I counted, before I got the part I needed. Also, I am trying to get Mesa, and I have already run it at least 5 time, but I have only gotten the Neuroptics every time. This would severally help improve Warframe as an entire game. Thanks!

Also, I have run at least 20 Scarlet Spear Murex missions, but only have gotten 3 parts for Shedu. 2 of which are the same part. Please fix drop chance.

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On 2020-04-24 at 5:14 PM, --Q--FSK41 said:

May I see your build,i can help you ingame and show you how to deal with them,tell me a time and I ll try to help you ingame I show you builds tell you the mechanics etc. It is really not hard to deal with them,of course a Level 170 armored Sentient takes some time to kill.You need some form of CC to stop them and kill them in peace.

Aha....I actually dont have any trouble with the enemies, my friend does. We do just ignore the enemies and slow them to death with my nova and chill in operator form for the final wave. If the game mode was seperated into a weaker version than is now available and a challenge mode that is harder than the current mode, alot of people couldve enjoyed the event alot more.


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Scarlet spear is about to end and I could only conclude that the ground ops is much more playable than the space missions. I do not understand why whenever I touch the space portion as the host, I cannot receive any codes from the ground ops even with the ratio of space to ground as 1:5. This is going to be a mystery until the end of time because DE doesn't seem to know (they claim that it is because of some and some issue but not really) and neither does anyone else. With the new railjack revision and test servers, I seriously hope that the deadlock protocol won't be a mess like this event.

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A few things;

First, casting Nidus' Ravenous, his 4, at just the right time consumes stacks without actually placing the infested area; there is no healing, infested carpeting or maggots when used if there's about 1/8th of a second remaining on the duration, or 0.8 seconds. Fairly easy to replicate, it's just a matter of getting the timing.


Second, using Archguns with gravimags installed does not activate the Growing Power buff with status procs during ground missions; very easy to replicate, just use an archgun with a gravimag in a mission with Growing Power as your Aura. It could be a specific issue with the Kuva Ayanga specifically, as this was the archgun I was using at the time, but I imagine it happens with them all.

Lastly, and this is a long-standing issue with Revenant; you can get stuck in his Danse Macabre animation when trying to clamber up a ledge while channeling. This happens most commonly when you activate Danse Macabre then start using his Reave to get around quickly; it happens often in most Grineer and Corpus tilesets since there are a lot of ledges. When this bug occurs you are unable to activate or, in this case, deactivate any abilities until you either A) Die, B) Fall out of bounds and respawn or C) Run out of energy. This is the exact same issue that Grendel had which was, apparently, fixed; yet Revenant is still affected by the exact same problem and has been since his release? What?

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I know this is very late in the cycle, but it needs to be said.  Arbitrations suck.  Hear me out, it's an easy fix.


You monkeyed with all of the arcanes.  Instead of 10 total we now require 21 total.  Fine.  I hate the devaluation, but I can live with it.  You introduced Scarlet Spear so we could directly earn the arcanes.  It was grindy and time consuming, but we got what we wanted rather than months of RNG rolling bad.


Did you ever look at the 5 arcanes you cannot earn in Scarlet Spear, or directly choose to earn elsewhere?  Yes, I'm talking arbitrations.  5% drop rate arcanes, that's the same level of garbage drop as what we've been frustrated about with Eidolons.  

Let's do the math here.  5% drop = 95% not drop.  0.95^x = 50% for 50% of people to get one....that's 14 rounds of rewards.  If the arcane drops in round A or B that means 3 chances an hour.  Oh joy, that means that for half of the community to get the required 21 arcanes you'll need for each round to have 97% of people getting the arcane.  Yes, that's a 67 reward chances 21 times, or 1407 total reward potential instances for 50% of the community to get at least the required 21 arcanes to max one out.


1407 runs *5 minutes/run = 7035 minutes =   117.25 hours = 4.9 days of playing the game assuming that you literally only take 5 minutes between rewards.

Let's talk about respecting player time.  I'm game.  This is why arbitrations suck.



How do we fix it?  Stop weighting the rewards to endo.  Literally half of rewards are endo (or more).  Cap these to 25%.  You now have 25% to work with.  In A and B there are only 3 arcanes a piece.  Double the drop chance.  Take the remaining percentage and triple the aura forma while dumping the rest into the mods.  In rotation C you've got 4 arcanes.  Double each arcane, and divide the remainder amongst the mods.  

90% that the arcane doesn't drop.  33 runs for the 97% drop rate, for a total of 693 runs.  2.4 days of constant grinding to get 50% of the population getting the arcanes maxed. 

Congrats, arbitrations are now a grind, but suck so much less.  If you'd like to argue, I'll gladly cite the radiant relics dropping rare items.  I'm on my 12th T5 without getting Titania systems.  These single digit drop chances aren't extending gameplay, they're making the rewards worthless because they can't possibly be as valuable as five literal days of my life playing a game mode.  One that I don't enjoy, because it's still bugged more than a year later.  This is after "fixing" the death penalty imposed as a means to create "challenge" when an errant toxin proc can literally one shot you despite the shield drones requiring two hits now because shield gating was a fabulous idea.  One that made perfect sense, on enemies who actually have an area that can skillfully be hit.  Let's introduce a shield drone without that, so the enemy shielding can literally take two shots for free.  More if there's a swarm mutalist moa, because they still buff the drones.  Yeah....maybe fixed is optimistic.

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This may be a far fetch but I feel Harrow could use a quality of life buff to make him a bit more useful in high level missions? 

Have Harrow be able to cast Condemn while he's channeling his Thurible. It would help a lot in way of crowd control and help with his survivability since for Thurible to be effective you need to channel it for a good few seconds.

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