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Od Survival Low Oxygen Drop, 2K Credits And Common Fusion Cores Drop Rates Problem.


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So I ran solo OD Survival for several times planning on making it past 15mins but guess what, after the 10min mark every 20-30 kill I only have 0-1 oxygen drop. I know I can kill them fast enough but the RNG on oxygen drops is just plain $&*&*#(%&. The Life support tanks that Lotus provides is actually the only reliable way to acquire oxygen and even that is frustrating. What makes OD survival more frustrating is that 2k credit and common fusion cores reward every 5mins are way to common. This DOES not feel like survival at all, more like RNG oxygen scavenger hunt or die!




Seriously, I swear every OD Survival 5min rewards is like credits or fusion cores only. For a mission that requires me to farm components to craft keys I expect to get better rewards not the same rewards that I get by playing normal non OD survival.

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