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Can We Please Have The Loadout Not Reset When Switching Warframes/weapons?


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Every time you switch to another weapon/frame the loadout resets to the A loadout. This almost defeats the purpose of being able to have different setups because every time i switch something i have to go in and change if i dont want to use version A.


With the new Vault stuff it's makes it even worst because for each key i have one frame in a specific mod set to counterbalance the penalty the key gives so whenever i get into a group and i dont end up as the person carrying the key for the frame i have selected i have to go through a whole process when switching. And what's worst is that after finishing the Derelict mission it also resets back to A for the current equip frame/weapons! So between each mission i have to also change it back for the same frame. 


The run-around is a wheee much.

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