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Kuva Lich won't return Cache Rewards

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I went on 2 sabotage missions where I scouted out the 3 caches..at least 2 of the was 400 Endo which my lich stole both of. When I finally converted him, I was only returned around 150 endo...So I lost 800 endo out of my lich.

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I've run in the same issue. I suspect the same thing to happen to any of the cache rewards though, which includes relics and other rather important things.

Visually, when spy/cache rewards (basically every "Identified" thing) get stolen, they get stolen in their entirety, and it's the "x1" that gets crossed, instead of a share of the amounts contained in these. I remember a "Identified: 400 Endo" reward to be stolen in its entirety, and I never got it back once I converted my Kuva Lich. I can forget the pal though: he's powerful, funny, cool, he has an ephemera and a nice face.

I'll take screenshots to show when things go wrong as I get stuff stolen.

Please fix that DE, it's extremely punishing.



Here is a screenshot of a cache stolen in its entirety, and I know I will never see it again.


And another batch of 400 Endo I will never see again:


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3 часа назад, MarcusOwen сказал:

Just make sure your aren't farming Naeglar with a lich in the system. Or any other rare drop from the 3rd cache/vault.

He will return mods or any other drop after killing. He steals only endo.

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