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So, Why Is Polarity The Default Sort Option?


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I second this...


Name should be the default option...unless you can pick which your prefer it to default to.


I also wish that right clicking a mod didn't remove the mod, but give us a list pf choices including fusion, transmute, and remove.

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Pretty much as the subject says. Every single time I go into the "upgrade" page for a weapon, I have to reset the "sort by" option to Name in order to find what I'm after. Polarity is not an intuitive way of sorting mods - why is it the default?



This is exactly what I came to this forum to say. I can't find mods when they're sorted all over the place in what may as well be random.

Almost as slow as when I had to go through 8 pages of redirection mods. :( Though DE has to fix the mod stacking of ranked mods, but that's for a different topic.

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