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Wasting My Time Inviting People! "session Full" Error...


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I'm trying to invite a squad to Orokin Vault Runs, and I cannot get a full squad because of irritating invitation errors. It keeps telling people "Session full" when in fact there is not 4 people there. I re-logged when it happened once, when I had only one person (besides myself), and then I tried it again and it choked on a squad of 3. It is wasting our time and embarrassing - how many times is someone going to accept invites from a person whom they keep having to re-connect to, only to get no game because the person cannot start the game due to invite errors? Especially bad in the Vault missions, because you need all 4 people for 100% assurance that you can open the vault.


I wasn't having these issues until the last update - please look into it and fix the problem before too much time passes and people aren't going to the vaults anymore because they don't need to....

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hey thats best thing in these forums. You can ask 20 times for REASON of conection problems, you can beg for any ANY fix with matchmaking and Hosting system...


And noone cares



And thats biggest pain in &#! in this game.

I can live with grinding in grinding in grinding concarnre

i can deal with retiring cool weps, and giving us Powercreeping galatine..

Fuk it, its pve.


But my blood is boiling in my veins when these fuking errors make cool looking session go bananas.,

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