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Eris - Nimus Gives T2 Keys At 15 Minute Mark


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   I've been having similar issues. From what I have seen, the actual rewards are not corresponding with the patch notes. Apollodorus does give T1 keys but I've been searching for T2. According to the notes, the levels that should always reward a T2 key have only given me T1s. Lots of T1s. Did a rank 3 Survival that should be a guaranteed T3 key and got a T2 lol but never again since.


   Also, for me anyway, keys have only been given at 15min. Is this intentional or is my luck just really bad? I've only gotten one T2 key since the update and it wasn't the one I needed. Please fix Survival drops to actually reflect what the patch notes say and please fix the T3 Capture Bronco Prime Barrel drops. I know I've been saying this in a lot of posts but its getting ridiculous trying to get it on T2's apparently 11% drop chance. Especially when I can't get the T2 Capture keys anymore in the first place. Yep, RNG, but the point is that it isn't working properly. I'm done with my little rant now lol back to stocking up on Paris Prime Strings wooo (If I get a T2 Cap, that is)

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