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[Us Based] Looking To Start A Clan With Some Dedicated Members [Read Ahead For Details]


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Hello Tenno


I am coming to you with a proposition.  


To start, I am looking for 3 Tenno to become founding members of this clan.


The idea, is to put together a clan with a foundation based on friendship, knowledge, honor, and loyalty. 


As you can tell, I have not even come up with a name for the clan.  


I wanted to have a chat with the founding members (whomever it may be) and discuss that prior to making the clan; as to ensure this is a name everyone can agree upon.


I intend to get the dojo up and building as soon as we decide on the name and hopefully get it expanding with all its features promptly.


My emphasis on trying to build a clan in this manner is to give our members the most optimal coordinated plan of attack on each mission.


It's not geared towards an elitism mentality, but in a way where each member will know that the Tenno to his right or left is someone they can rely on and feel confident that they have their back.


I want our clan to be well rounded in all aspects if possible.  That would include a pinch of pvp as well.  Not for bragging rights, but to hone you skills against someone that is not just a UI.


Once we have put together our foundation and we as the foundation are rooted and ready, we can immediately start expanding our clan.



These are some standards I would like to ask of you to be met.


Headset with microphone.  (open to suggestions on voice chat programs)  Quick and efficient communication is key for team play.


US located (I am East coast located).


Age 21+  / Mature and respectful to other members/players


As the founding members, you will be asked to put in your equal share in building out the dojo and its amenities.


Founding members, you should feel confident (not arrogant) about your leadership and guidance skills.


Able to suggest for the many different situations to come.


Key active time preferred is evenings.


100% understanding that as the foundation of the clan, that you are the ones responsible for the clan.




PM me or just post here if this catches anyone's interest.

If you are interested, and there are ideas or even some things I've listed on this post that you believe can be changed for the better, I'm open for those ideas as well.  




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Rank 6

Was very active up until the end of closed beta.  Returned about a month ago to resume where I Left off.

To clarify, I'm the type of player that will research, google, wiki, hawk forums in order to put together a very effective build on all my frames and their load outs.

I'm the type of player that will spend some money on the game where I see fit via platinum.

I'd say my experience in the game should give me a "good" rating.

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I'm down, I was actually just thinking that it'd be nice to have fun building a clan from the ground up instead of joining a clan with nothing to do again. Anywho, just about Rank 5, started a month or so ago, I pick up knowledge pretty quickly and this games pretty fun. I can't always be on as I have a job and such, but if you'll have me than let's build a clan.



Edit: Plus I live on the West coast, not too big of an hour difference, especially since I tend to get up early and stay up pretty late.

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