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Door Bugs -- Open Doors That Don't Act Like It.


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I've seen this bug a few times previous to the most recent update/hotfixes... but NEVER like this.


4 times so far today, 3 during survival missions, one during capture.

Door appears to be open, can't fire through it, walk through it. Rounds fired at it show a deflection animation @ the door threshold like it's closed.

But i can certainly get hammered with impunity from every single mob on the other side. Other folks in the match will be able to walk through, fire through etc. 


Sometimes, running back away from the door will reset it. But when there are 30 mobs standing in close proximity (or players), that doesn't work.


Meanwhile, I can't help my teammates, can't get to oxygen drops, can't get to extraction, can't get to mods. Would be fine if the changes in survival haven't made extraction in this situation risky at best.


*chews on his desk*


this seems to be happening on doors that require two people to open more often than non. (but by no means limited to)

this doesn't start happening until AFTER it has been successfully bypassed.

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   I experienced this once on Arcadia, Mars in online mode last night. I wasn't hosting and I didn't know who was. Don't remember there being lag and I tried at different times during the mission to walk through but the invisible wall stayed the whole time. It was odd

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Please fix this problem :(


Had this with 2 Alerts. And if you're stuck, you don't get the creditss.. even if you did 50% or more of the damage..

Didn't get 15000+ credits just now and 8000+ last week. 


It's not much but it is annoying :p And you completed the mission so you lose your Alert.. can't rerun it.

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It's really strange.. you will see a door as open .. but in fact it's closed.. like an invisible wall

Most times it happens with doors that need to be unlocked ...

It mostly happens to me while playing online when others are hosting..

Once it happened while I was the host I could move in and out the door, but the rest were stuck on the "invisible wall"

Maybe some issues regarding the host not sending info

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