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Excalibur Passive Update

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Excalibur's passive is a simple yet very useful one: All swords get a 10% damage and speed boost. The only problem is Warframe's description of "sword" is a bit wack. Things that clearly aren't swords, like the Dual Raza and Twin Basolk, benefit from the passive buff; however things that clearly are swords, like the Galatine, Nami Solo, and Pennant, do not benefit at all. This may have made sense in earlier builds of Warframe, but as weaponry has progressed, this mechanic is really starting to show its age.

Now I'm not an expert at programming, but shouldn't this be a fairly easy thing to sort out? Anything that has long blade, relatively short handle, and maybe a sort of guard gets a little "sword" flag placed on them to notify that they get the buff. Everything without the flag doesn't get the buff. Again I'm not an expert and this could be a whole heck of a lot more complicated. This is just my ignorant presumption of how it works.


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I believe it's done based on stance category. Excalibur gets a buff to any weapon that uses Sword, Dual Sword, Nikana or Rapier stances. Stuff like the Dual Raza and Twin Basolk get the buff because they use Dual Sword stances even though they're clearly axes, the solution here is to create a category of stances called Dual Axes and filter out all the non-swords in the Dual Swords class. The Galatine has the opposite problem to the Dual Swords category: the Galatine is in the "Heavy Blade" category which includes axes like the Scindo, so it's not counted as a "sword" despite being a greatsword visually. Again separating the category into Heavy Axes and Heavy Swords would solve the problem, but I don't really see how the stances would ever be that different.

Nami Solo is a machete stance-wise so it also doesn't count as a "sword" for Excalibur, even though the Nami Skyla does. Nami Solo might as well use normal Sword stances, but it's a random backwater weapon so it's probably never going to get any real attention.

The Pennant is part of the "Two-Handed Nikana" category, alongside the Tatsu. I've actually seen a decent number of people calling for this category to be added to Excalibur's passive, and it makes sense, but that's not exactly high on DE's priority list so who knows when that will happen.

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