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Campaign/story Mode?


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Now that that's out of the way, is there any thought being put into bringing a campaign or story mode to Warframe?  I would like it to be both solo and co-op gameplay (same missions for both, just like now).  Now don't get me wrong, I don't want a CoD style campaign.  I like the fast-paced maps that we have, I would just like to know more about them and why my Loki is fighting.  Who/How/Why were we awoken from Cryo? Why are we fighting the Corpus, what are the Grineer trying to achieve with their conquests, where did the Infested come from, and where do we Tenno fit in?



There's an awesome story here, and I want to experience it for myself!  Right now all we have are maps to run around in, and while that's awesome and it's fun, I would like to see more. 




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During one of the livestreams DE_Steve (I believe) mentioned, that there IS a game story, but it's concealed in a bigger picture - events, lore, etc. There will be no "from A to B" conclusive script, but the story itself will evolve and grow along with community and it's accomplishments. Or something like that. Look into details and you'll see bits and pieces of a larger plot going on somewhere out there.

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