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Clan Ui Needs Immediate Overhaul


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Especially the invite system. It is completely illogical that if I get an offline message from a recruit that I have to wait until they get online to leave the current guild or clear invites, then wait until I get online again to invite them, then wait again for them to accept. The current system might work okay (certainly not well) for Moon clans but for Ghost and Shadow clans it's a nightmare. 

Also there are so many people in clans that they are unhappy with and have no idea that people are inviting them to a new clan. You could seriously increase the longevity of player happiness if you allow them to network properly. 


Something like DJSmash posted here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/118696-proposal-mock-up-screen-changes-to-the-ui/?p=1387941 would be amazing. 

One more thing. An alert ping for when you have a request and when you have a whisper. And make sure a DISTINCT notification hangs above the contact icon when you have a notification that there is a request pending. 

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