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Paris Prime + Kunai = Nothing


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I was farming Councilor Vay Hek and suddenly I found out that when I switch Paris Prime to Kunai I can't shoot at all and switch to Paris Prime back for a long time, so I needed to use my melee (it was a Jaw Sword, but it was weak, so i had some problems with killing Hek). My Ash was staying like he was holding Kunai, although he didn't have them in his hands.

And there is something with my Paris Prime: I have no reloading animation! And when I fully charged or aim with my Paris Prime I saw that hands of my Ash suddenly began shaking!

Please, try to fix it at your first convinience, because I can't stand seeing that I can't shoot or Ash's hands are shaking during the aiming.

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I'm using a Vasto as a sidearm and tested both my Paris and Dread, both have a shaky hand problem that won't stop. When I switch weapons, I pull out an empty hand and can't switch back. But if I stay with the bow all the way through, there is only the shaking hands. Nothing is working in-game to fix this no-fire-shaky-hands. I'm just fine with other primary weapons, so I'm thinking that this is a problem with the bows specifically. 

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