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Nyx Ulti Killing Sentinel


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I've done thorough testing, there are two bugs in play:


#1 - Her ability no longer provides cover for anything except herself; if a Grineer Napalm shows up and toasts you, you won't suffer any damage but your sentinel will go boom. And you can be laying on top of the cryopod in defense and it will still take damage from anything that hits it.


#2 - If your sentinel shoots while inside the bubble, it will cause self-damage and kill itself within a few shots. This is also the case if another person's sentinel is inside your bubble and it shoots. 

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You can still use it, but you need to remove the attacking precept from your sentinel. Just unequip any cards that enable your sentinel to perform an offensive attack or ability. 


It can still die to stuff like a Napalm or an explosion, but versus gunfire it usually lives.

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