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Now That Everything Uses Ferrite....


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Yeah Dragon keys use ferrite

Team restores use ferrite

New weapons in dojo ferrite

Frames ferrite


What's with everything new using FERITE they are other resources you know that don't get used in fact I have 999,999 Nano spores it wont even go over 1 mil what's with that I probably have nearly 2 mil for al I know hehe

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They shouldve added more Nano required items.


With my 1 and half million of it, i can build an entire dojo made of spores. 


Indeed, that'd be cool to have a mission that drops 4000-6000 ressources just like cyath does with nanospores. ><

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can we please have increased ferrite drops on the planets that have it?

or maybe planets that are more fairly balanced. the drops are fine, just being trolled most of the time. and Nano Spores are on 3/4x as many planets.

why does Neptune have Nano Spores? >.>


alternatively, change one of the corpus planets to have ferrite also. there's quite a few corpus planets which have identical or almost identical resources on them. we should improve that.

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