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Synapse And Heavy Caliber Bug


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My new detailed ( math included ) video to show how the new Heavy Caliber mod is not working properly with Synapse.

I used Latron Prime to compare how Heavy caliber works on it while working differently on Synapse.

Before anyone mentions "well Synapse is Electrical base dealing weapon" I want you to know that I'm fully aware. and that is taken into account. Electrical damage deals 1.25x ( any) on lancers. however it still doesn't explain the 2 separate numbers. AND if you noticed, when I used the Synapse without any mods. there was only 1 damage number showing up per 1 round.



Video http://youtu.be/4v2M9umrcKo



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thats funny, i was wondering why heavy C felt much stronger on my flux than it did on my ignis. wonder if the base dmg being fire caused that...



good question. could be the elemental damage of the weapon itself causing this bug.

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A second theory...


Constant trigger weaps (flux/ignis/syn) don't exactly fire one round a click.


You may be firing off two rounds, hence two numbers. BC I do notice that the arsenal screen is calculating my damage with Ignis correctly-ish, in that a 75% heavy caliber ups my Damage stat much more than a 90% elec...so it's def taking the fire base dmg into consideration as base there at least.

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