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Mods A,b,c


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Not sure if this annoys anyone else,


But when I am working on the mod screen and I want to create a entire new mod config ie A,B,C I find it extremely time consuming and a bit annoying that I cant just copy config A to B.


Why would I want a exact copy of my mod setup you ask well sometimes I only need to change 1 or 2 mods not the entire setup for example when I fight infested I want infested mods on all 3 weapons and to do that in a hurry when you have just been invited to a mission it takes a bit of time when you have tones of mods in you selection.


Normally to load these 3 mods on your three weapons you would have to go weapon - upgrade then look to your left scroll down all your mods till you find the one you want with the right amount of points on it drag and apply and then repeat steps for each weapon.


Main Weapon- Expel infested

Secondary - Bane of infested

Third - Smite infested


Alternately if you had a button that said Copy all installed Mods to B then just replaced with the one Infested Mod and saved the B Config with a Name IE Infested and C Config name it Corpus and A Grenier so after you have down this once.


You could in theory when asked to do a Corpus mission just go into


Weapon 1 and press upgrade then C 

Weapon 2 and press upgrade then B 

Weapon 3 and press upgrade then A

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