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Ui In Mod Selection (Weps/frames Ect.)


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So with the most recent updates iv noticed some awesome changes and that being one of my all time favorite the mod stacking of the same mod level. It look great, even the scrolling is nice but there is one thing that is making me uneasy and that is the default sorting order for them is polarity. It used to be the 4 basic skills mods followed by mods in alphabetical order. So my feedback is either have it alphabetical as default or how it used to be the 4 skill mods followed by the others in alphabetical order. Sure now that they stack its easier to go through. But i for one have alot of different mods for my warframes and other things in arsenal. So once again all i ask is for a different default sorting. I know i can click to change it but id rather not. 
What do you guys think? 
did you like it how the sorting was before?

Do you like the option to change how it gets sorted?
how about how you feel about the default sorting?

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