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Radial Disarm And Infested


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I think loki has enough tools against infested. Decoy and invisible are extremely useful

Decoy doesn't do so well in higher levels and especially on certain stages. Invisibility is nice for Loki himself, but considering he's supposed to be utility to Ash' damage, making his Radial Disarm actually useful against infested would be a welcome (and IMO, needed) change.

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You can't disarm someone's ..... sticky fingers...


Please think about that post.  What is the literal definition of disarm?  To remove someone's arm (dis- means apart or away).  I think the way in which it should apply to infested Ancients should be obvious.... 


If you couldn't figure it out: it should blow up their arms, preventing them from using their energy-drain or knockdown attacks, but allowing them to use basic attacks.  The toxic clouds from ancients should probably remain though. 

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