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Login Rewards (Oh Boy! Another Crackpot Who Thinks He Has The Answer!)


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Well, I've been logging into Warframe pretty much every day because I really, really, really, really want to get some high-value equipment and gear without actually having to play. So far, this has earned me: 5 Banshee blueprints, Ember BP, Vauban BP, 4 Glaive BPs, a Couple of credit rewards, some kidna useful item experience for my weaponry, and some REALLY useless Warframe Suit XP. 


My proposal: Background checks


Like, if we already have an item in the login reward line-up, decrease or remove the chance that we get it. (I got all those Banshee BPs in less than 2 weeks by the way)


Because I really do not want more Glaive and Banshee BPs than necessary, just one in my inventory is fine.


Now for item experience: If we already have a maxxed-out item or Warframe equipped, prevent the waste of experience on it and have the login reward program check for other weaponry that isn't fully ranked up yet and transfer the experience points to that. Though if there's no other weapon to dump the XP, I really don't know a solution for that. Maybe have it replace the reward altogether with credits or something else like that.


You could argue "Hey, that would increase the chance of getting an orokin catalyst/reactor or a forma"


Only solution: Replace those pointless rewards with something less pointless, like credits. Or, maybe add in some rare-ish materials like neurodes, orokin cells, the occasional control module (maybe), neural sensors, gallium, etc..., etc...



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If you want 75% Discount on Plat, this is easy to get.


Just don't Log into WF for around 4 Weeks (can not say if it's exact 4 Weeks but what ever) and Bang! you got it.


3 Friends of mine tried WF again and all 3 got 75% Discount at the same Time.

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These rare materials are way to common to be rewarded. They'd be as little "time saved" as the exp rewards at this point.


If they'd be rewarded in quantities of 1 that is.


Especially ctrl module lol, wtf I have like 500 now.

Well, it's either something that could be useful in the future, or experience that just goes to waste. and I kinda put the (maybe) there for a reason. But neurodes, neural sensors, and orokin cells are a bit harder to get, aren't they? And, assuming you've never gone to the void, then control modules are pretty rare. You could waste hours trying to farm for them (Like I did when trying to build a second Vasto to create the Dual Vasto), or you could get your daily log-in reward and BOOM you don't need to spend any more of your life going after some elusive material. Though, it depends if you really are in a desperate situation like that, but still, way better than pointless XP. 


DE, that means no nano spores, ok?

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imo the affinity on log in should be a 1-4 hour affinity booster. that would make ppl play more. i get forma and gold potatoes as log in like 3-4 days in a row then like 20%off plat for a while then affinity for something that max.



thas with 300+ hours in game, should probably take time played/rank in to account. when handing out rewards. think i have loged in ever day for 7 months, missed like 2 days in that time.

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