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Hide quiver, why is it not an option yet?

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As the title implies, why is there still no option to hide quivers when you equip bows?

They are currently extremely bulky or have very poor placement on the frames. Some clip, some float, some clip and float depending on warframe and/or the warframe stance in use. They are a fashion frame disaster even when you toggle the whole bow to not be visible when holstered. Currently it stops me from equipping the Dryad skin due to wonky placements and whatnot, it also makes me enjoy bows less in general with or without that skin.

Could we just get an option to hide quivers at all times please?

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I just tried that, and quiver disappears only when you toggle OFF the weapon visible when holstered.

I would also like an extra option just for bow quivers, and similarly one for sword's/ pistols scabbards.

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