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The Personal Spaceship Of Our Warframes!


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The personal spaceship must be the home of our warframe.


I think when you join inside the first time ther's only a room and the other are locked but you can UNLOCK the other room payng credit and resources and forma. I say UNLOCK and not CONSTRUCT because the room must be the same for all.


When you unlock a room it must be totally empty and here you can customize all room chosing forniture , object, gun skin, warframe skin to put on the floor or on the wall and other.


* Warframe skin and gun skin: only the one purchased by the player could be used

* In some room there are object that must be constructed to unlock some function



 - HALLWAY: when you enter the "home" you just have this room unlocked, it is the "backbone" of the ship and here there are eventually stairs for upper/lower floor and all the door of the ship. There are also some circular window (oblò).


- COCKPIT: Here there are all the "commands" used to drive the ship (the ship don't move really so they are just for decoration). After the construction of the room you can find inside some orher 2 object to construct:

1) Navigation system: (holographic rapresentation of solar system) unlock some new background for the space out of the ship and unlock the "home mission (see next)"

2) Ship Defense System: (holographic rapresentation of the ship) allow you to accept the "home mission"

The cockpit must have a big window watchig the space.


- ENGINE ROOM: The engine room is the core of the ship here there are no windows but constructing the room it is not empty because here there are a lot of machinery rapresenting all the ship need (water purification; air purification; reactor for energy, motor for movement ecc...) all just for decoration. But here ther's also a object that must be constructed: 

1)Vital Resource Monitor: (holographic rapresentation of "graphs and parameters") it must be constructed for make habitable the ship (and customize the room).


- SMITHERY: A room rapresenting our smithery. Here there are just some work tables, some shelves for tools and some drowers for resources.


- ROOM: An empty room; opposite the door ther's just a window



ALL the room could be customized using some accessories.

There are 4 types of accessories:

1) Personal accessories: including warframes, ammo, resources, credit sentinel and all the other which our warframe has normally. This could be placed without spending resources.

2) Base accessories: some accessories unlocked for all. Could be constructed using resources

3) Locked accessories: they are locked and must be unlocked making some achievement. When it is unlocked an object of this tipe could be palced and constructed using some rosources. 

4) Special accessories: Reward for events, they could be constructed using resources


Object "2" and "3" consist on forniture, decoration ecc...



Achievement are personal mission that must be completed playng the normal mission. Complete an achievement give you some reward and unlock some object for customize your ship.


Here some example of achivement:

Mutant hater I : kill 250 infested - reward: credits and unlock some object 

Electric killer I : kill 250 corpus - reward credits and unlock some object

Hacker I : make 25 bypass - reward credit and unlock something

Hacker II: make 50 bypass - reward credit and unlock something

HacKer III; Hacker IV: Mutant Hater II ecc...

Winner I : win 100 mission

Mod Hunter I: Found 100 mods

Fire in the hole I : Kill 50 greener flame and 10 greener napalm

tRoller I : kill 25 greener roller and 25 greener green (the one that release the ball)

Old Style I : kill 25 orokin sentinel

Tower Power: Win 25 orokin tower

Ecc... Ecc... Ecc...


NB: Not all the achievement have the same reward; they could be variable!



1) It must be funny to construct


2) People don't finish the game just after a little time they start to play (create all the ship, make the achievement and put some decoration inside the ship must be designed to be a slow process). 


3) People invited inside could enter and visit your home (the ship)


4) Unlock of Home mission (here u can invite other player inside the mission) a new type of special mission (and special reward) in a new tyleset... Here invent something you !

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Actually, swapping the UI with a Mass Effect-like ship with rooms for various things (as long as it isn't stupidly huge like the Dojo), would be pretty cool imho.


Although it's probably better to have it like an Orokin Tower, shared with other frames (actually mobs or some actual other players). You know, Void Towers with Hammocks strung anywhere

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