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Lotus Refs & Lines For Merch


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Now before everyone goes "Oh great, here it comes." I wanted to make some modest suggestions for T-shirts or maybe hoodies and ect.

Seeing as Lotus loves to mkae things intresting in some missions I wanted to propose a T-shirt idea (inspired by a friend) known as "Keep Calm and Stay Intresting" and there would be a lotus symbol instead of a crown. Id assume a cool blue and black motif or what have you.

Or how about The head of Lotus looking out at people and her line is "Don't make this get Intresting" , or maybe "Things just got intresting".

Or maybe for those people why are punctual Wed have lotus with a smug stance saying:  "Yeah I know you cant overhaul a system, I don't care" or work around that.

Or perhaps a odd fan ref of ppl thinking Lotus is drunk on the livestream.

Oh wait- I got it! How about the worlds most intresting woman/tenno? "I don't normally drink, but when I do I make it intresting."

I hope ideas like this could be considered, because hell if buy alot of "Keep Calm And Stay Intresting" shirts, it we a ... Intresting (im sorry) way of advertizseing and I'd love to have some warframe stuff to wear.

(If this was the improper place to post this someone plz let me know so I can move it to a more appropriate area.)

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