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Infinite Team Ammo Blueprint Bug


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I bought four separate Team Ammo Restore blueprints from the market two or three days ago, to bring myself up to my preferred 20.

Began building them in between missions: build one, do a mission, claim, build another, do a mission, etc.

Did this for the next few days when I remembered to get them.

Didn't even realize it until I was selling off excess warframe blueprints that I had THIRTY-SIX Team Ammo Restores. And yet still four blueprints.

I built another one, claimed it and I remained at four blueprints. Did it one more time just to be sure and still four left.


I'll not abuse the bug anymore. However, I also don't want to sell them all or anything lest I am no longer able to make them or some other such bug.

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Just tried it in game with a Team Heal Restore, same thing. Blueprint was not consumed.


Originally the blueprint was consumed, prior to the most recent hotfixes.

Now it seems it's been changed along with the Dragon Key blueprints.

Whether this is intentional or not is unknown.

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