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It's Been Months, Still Can Only Use Steam Overlay With Dx11 Enabled.


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I've posted this topic a few times and have either been given no responses, or minimal response. 


I've tried several combinations between 64 bit and 32 bit, and DX 11 and no DX 11. It seems that I can only activate the steam overlay when I'm running this game in DX 11 mode, but the problem is that the DX 11 with this game runs poorly, or my card is outdated. That's beside the point though because the game should still be able to run steam overlay without DX 11. 


Any word when this will be fixed? 

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Guest tomekkk1

I have the same problem, steam UI doesn't work on dx9, works on dx11, but my graphics card (GT555M) handles it pretty hard, any chance the devs could look into it once again? Becasue I know people, for whom the game works perfectly fine with steam overlay on dx9, then again, I know some that have similar problem to mine.

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