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What Is Wrong? What Should I Do?



I haven't been able to join anything for more than an hour now.

Whenever I try to play a regular mission from the solar map, I get put on a waiting for players lobby and no one will show up.

I can only do Solos.


Whenever I try to join my friends from contact, it always says "Friend not currently in a game session" when it says right next to their names "In-game". The same happens for friends "In Lobby".


I've also wasted plenty of time whispering people on Recruit. Asking to join.

There were times where I felt like no one was seeing my chats.
And when someone sends me an invite, it always says "Failed to join."


And more of this problem, I can't invite anyone to my game.
It always says "Unable to invite specified player to your session".
This message shows up ALL THE TIME, to anyone I invite.


Something is seriously wrong with my account.

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In no particular order:


a) Close and open Warframe

b) Disconnect and reconnect ethernet cable or disable/enable wireless adapter

c) Restart computer

d) Ensure ports are properly forwarded

e) Ensure no one sharing your connection is doing someone intensive (streaming/torrenting)

f) Run a virus scan

g) If using Steam, validate files and re-update WF (will take a while, like 3 gigs of downloading)

h) If it was working before and isnt now, undo whatever changed - try system restore

i) Update all drivers, especially network adapters


and only then contact support.

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