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I Got A Firing Accuracy Of 9,400%


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I just got done with a Kappa, Sedna mission where the mission ended and me and my friends all had a good laugh about how I really set the accuracy bar pretty high. I got 9,400% accuracy. I'm so accurate that I could perform brain surgery by shooting you in the head and making the bullet harmlessly enter one ear, fix the problem, and exit the other ear :D


I was trying to level up my Glaive, so I mainly used it except for a couple of Absorbs (Nyx), a bunch of Chaos (Nyx), and exactly one guy dying by my Ogris. Something in the UI is obviously messed up about what number to divide by what, and this was the laughable result...



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Factors: hitting multiple targets with same shot (puncture, multishot, etc.); abilities (redirecting damage, bullet attractor types, absorb); "ranged" glaive attacks. Accuracy is, unfortunately, a far cry from telling you how often your bullet hits an enemy... However, you can often accurately (within reason) guess the type of loadout someone used. :)

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