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[Strict Nat] Why Still Strict Nat When My Port Are Fowarded?


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As you can see, my port 3960( 3961,3962 too) are opened.

Only 1 PC( mine) connect to router( and play this game!)


But when i playgame, still the warning" strict NAT detected. Please forward UDP port 3960&3962 blah blah:" was pop up.


Yes i still join some game, someone can join my game but some( not many). And i cant join any void for whole 2 days///

he invite me, i click join... loading loading and... " t he connection ..blah blah" appeared. I was push back to menu.


When i ask the host, he said that: yes you join game yet but DC after that....


Today, i join  my clanmate's OD  2 times. Everything is good, But when he try  invite me to 3rd OD, " you cant join behind strict NAT". So 2 last times, i can through strict NAT and join his game??????????????


I dont know much about PC and IT, so anyone pls help me to join other game.............

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