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Hi guys!

Performance here with tesselation on and off seems almost the same, no difference at all.

+- 80 fps inside Derelict and Void, with random FPS drops to +-50 fps. 

Max settings with 1080p resolution.

Performance in Warframe still can be improved guys. Keep the good work!


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I also have crashes and stuttering with Tessellation enabled. I originally thought it was PhysX as it would crash mostly when there were many particle effects. It actually would crash consistently if two Excaliburs used Radial Javelin together. It would get much better when I disabled PhysX, however PhysX seems to be about 33% of the graphics so that's a no go for me. I read about the issues with Tessellation and with it disabled I have been crash free even with PhysX on. It appears to be a processing power issue for Tesselation and PhysX. This leads me to believe that a dedicated PhysX card may help the situation.

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