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Survival Rewards


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To quote the log for update 10.3.0:




Survival Mission Improvements:


  • Items awarded at 5 minute intervals are now shown in the HUD below the Lotus transmissions.
  • Reward items now stack as you play - all rewards are given at the end of the mission.
  • As you play and survive, you will receive items at these times:
    • 5m: Item from the first reward tier
    • 10m: Item from the first reward tier again
    • 15m: Guaranteed Void key (this is considered the second reward tier).
    • 20m, 25m, 30m+: Item from the third reward tier
    • Void mission Prime rewards are awarded at 15 minutes only.



Nope! Just did a 25 minute survival. No key. No item reward shown below Lotus transmissions. No stacked rewards as far as I could tell. Wasn't so bad for me since I got through the mission fine, but my two friends wasted their revives trying to get better rewards and got screwed over because of it. They are not happy about this, and quite frankly, neither am I.



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Just did T2 survival, the rewards were appearing under Lotus like they should. We left at 15 minutes when part of mage prime was the reward (honestly got no idea was it helmet or chassis, was to busy killing stuff in my way just looked up we got a part as reward).

The end screen didn't show any reward we earned including the mag part, just the collected loot. I checked foundry and indeed I didn't get it.

Something is not right with the new system.

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Just did Hymeno, Eris.  Got a T1 Capture key and Parry mod, extracting after 15mins.  However, I did not get the Reflex Guard that was awarded at 10mins. It did show under Lotus during the mission, but did not show on the mission rewards screen or in my mod inventory.  My friend (who was host) did get all 3 items.

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It would appear that Orokin Void survival missions (and perhaps others, may test more) only reward every reward to the HOST, not to the clients. On a mission, our host got 2x 2000 credits, 2x 1000 credits, and the Paris Prime Lower Limb.


Myself and another friend who were in the same mission got a single 1000 credits reward... which happened to be the last reward we saw at 25m.

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Also not getting any rewards on Void survival missions. I've done about 3 runs and checking my inventory after the game I did not recieve the items that were listed as found at the 5 min check points.


Edit: Just hosted a survival and I did recieve the mission rewards as host.

Edited by Azariahz
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Well also were about 25 minutes now and after we saw the shotgun ammomutation mod we all wanted to leave. Then the host were pissed and leaved the game. After host migration we leaved via extraction and dont get any reward. No creditboxes or the mod itself.


Im a bit annoyed right now.


10 runs at 30 minutes for that ammo mutation now..  and then there is this bug...

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