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Datamass Automatically Drops Itself


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Has anyone ever had this problem? Was on a crate farming whatever that drops from the Infested, and suddenly it automatically drops (I did not switch to my primary). It happens with the Glaive charge attack and while reloading the Lex. Doesn't occur with the Lato and the akimbo counterpart though.


And I almost forgot, that there are times when I attempt to pick up the datamass (no soap) it wouldn't let me. The animation plays and the datamass flies up a bit before falling to the ground. Again and again.

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Were you standing still and not moving? There is an auto drop after not moving for a while to stop trolls or those people who just randomly go AFK from grabbing it and then laughing at the rest of the team because they can't do anything (yes people actually did this).

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