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Miter Or Lanka ?



Hi all !

I'm thinking to potato my Miter or Lanka, but i can't decide which one would be better since they share the same properties (armor ignore, charge shot,...) with little advantages and disadvantages to eachother.

So the question is: which one should i potato and forma too later ?

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Because Lanka is like a bow that CANNOT be fired uncharged. No matter what the high damage etc, I did not have fun with Lanka due to tired fingers (and all your initial mod capacity will prob go into reducing the charge duration, so too bad on the "high" damage)

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If you want all charge choose lanka if you want something like a bow choose miter

I think that lanka is easy and cheap to build the only hard part is the mastery rank miter is also very easy could build both but i dont really want to build them yet. Think of your choices and choose what you like best.

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Lanka definitely, in my opinion: Miter shouldn't even be a viable choice.


To reach Miter's full damage (charge) it takes 2sec, Lanka reaches a higher damage in a shorter time (1.5sec).

Lanka deals 250 damage where as Miter deals 150 (charged).


The Miter can be shot w/o charge at 50 damage per shot at a fire rate of 2.5 shots per sec, but the Lanka still out damages that;

Miter: 2.5 shots per sec x3 seconds = 7.5 shots x50 = 375 damage in 3sec

Lanka: 1 shot per 1.5sec x2 = 2 shots x250 = 500 damage in 3sec


Full charge Miter has 0% crit chance, no charge Miter has 2.5%crit chance (waste of Sniper Ammo IMO).


The ONLY point in time when I liked the Miter was when it was first released. 

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Lanka for sure. Miter is way too weak to outperform a Lanka at the moment, save for cutting through a mid-range lineup of enemies that are standing still.


-Lanka launches charged projectiles at a higher rate than Miter. So do Bows.

-Miter's projectiles are painfully slow, making it incredibly difficult to take out a single enemy past mid-range unless it isn't moving. Lining up shots on rows of alerted enemies is no easier. Lanka doesn't have innate pierce, but the projectile is much faster, meaning that you're at least likely to hit something.

-Miter has a stupidly wide projectile, so shooting around corners is incredibly difficult without bouncing off that corner, even compared to other projectile weapons.

-Miter cannot deal critical hits, which other Sniping weapons (including Bows) generally revolve around in order to do half-decent damage.

-Launching a projectile with Miter causes a bright flash of light, which, especially with Bloom enabled, can be incredibly irritating for the user.

-Using the Miter against a Grineer Eviscerator isn't exactly going to boost your confidence about this weapon, as their Miters both hit harder and fire much more quickly.

-While Miter has innate puncture properties, it's completely ineffective at close- to mid-range because of the auto-lock properties of projectile weapons. If an enemy is too close, the projectile will launch at an angle and cut through them just fine, but will continue traveling in that angle and miss everything behind them by a long shot.


Don't get me wrong, I love the crap out of the Miter. It's an excellent concept, and it's great fun to use IMO, but it's just that its stats are much too low to justify using it outside of around Earth. As a sniping-oriented weapon, it's much too slow to be of any use in that regard, and even when it does hit, the lack of criticals often causes it to fail its job to take out the enemy in a single hit anyways.

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