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Keyboard Locking On 1 Button


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this bug has been happening to me alot. Its basically where my keyboard stops reacting and will act like i am holding down one single (like w and i will only walk forward) nothing reacts at all. not even ctrl+alt+delete, wich forces me to use the startup button to turn off (the one that you press to turn on the computer). its wierd because my mouse is still functional and i have my mouse plugged into my keyboard (my keyboard has a usb port)


has anyone else experienced this? or is it my pc/keyboard that is causing this?

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i highly doubt it's related to warframe, does this happen with any other programs?

have you tried pressing the key it's stuck on? if it goes back to normal, you might have yourself a case of keyboard ghosting, you might want to google what that means and what causes it.

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