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Update: "Pro Tip: If you're having a hard time against Ignis, try this."

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Long ago I made a post on how to reduce Ignis's obnoxious flame bloom (as a potential counter) using Effects Intensify option.



Later however I noticed that even though I had the setting at "10", I still saw those obnoxiously bright flames which made it more uncomfortable to directly look at while tracking.

I did some tests and found out the setting doesn't actually stick after game restart. Every time you restart he game, you have to manually go and set it to 200, then back to 10 for it to work. Below there is a video showing this in action.



That's all I wanted to show. In case this still doesn't work, try my game settings and see if it makes a change. And let me know if it does, so I can pin down which settings affect this.
Game Settings:


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