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Survival Rewards Saving


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No less than ten minutes ago I had something rather annoying happen. I was in a survival mission, was almost at 30 minutes, and then the host's connection craps out, a host migration starts and then my game proceeds to go completely pants-on-head and crashes. The four levels I gained on my Grakata, three levels I gained on my ceramic dagger, four levels I gained on my Acrid, and two levels I gained on my Nekros all went down the drain. On top of that I lost a void exterminate key, a couple credit caches, and some mods. Now sure, all of that can be regained with another good run, but it's kind of annoying to put half an hour into a match and then lose it because of something you have absolutely zero control over. It  would be nice if rewards could save in cases like these. I understand there's the issue of people exiting to avoid losing rewards due to a failure, but that's the third time I've gotten to a very decent time on survival and then lost all progress and rewards because of a connection problem. As one might guess, this makes playing survival very discouraging since at any moment the host's or even my own connection might suffer an issue and it ruins the entire run. 

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