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[Suggestion] Culling Unnecessary Resources


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so after about 30 minutes of a survival run/defense you generally end up with thousands of ammo packs, energy orbs (health as well if you have a nekros desecrating). It tends to have a rather adverse affect on frame rate after a while, I wonder if it might be possible on the client-side to not display ammo packs for weapons you don't have equipped (e.g. shotgun/sniper when holding a rifle) unless you have an ammo mutation mod equipped. As for the redundant health orbs all over the place why not make it so that when you have equilibrium equipped you can actually grab health orbs even when your health is full.

If you've ever tried turning off your HUD during a mission where this is happening you'd probably notice the difference immediately, its just a shame that it also disables the crosshair and all information about your current shields/hp and how much oxygen is remaining.

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