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Mimica Shawzin bug having look of different shawzin that changes color

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Well ... the Mimica Shawzin looks disgusting since the last Railjack Patch.

Please fix this, because ... let't be honest: Nobody wants the Corbu Shawzin in his Oribter.



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So this has been an issue for a while now, I am not sure why people aren't reporting this and I am kinda surprised this hasn't been fixed by now. Maybe because it's just a minor visual bug that doesn't effect gameplay and therefore low priority. None the less I am still going to report it because I want my old Mimica back. 


This has first occurred from back around late April to early May after a patch for Rail jack. (I can't remember exactly when, it has been a while)

The bug is as follows, the Mimica Shawzin's texture appears to be overwritten by the Corbu's texture. I would have assumed it would be connected to my Shawzins in my inventory, but I only own two of the current seven Shawzins, the Mimica and the Nelumbo.

Here is the Mimica Shawzin in market. As I previously mentioned it seems like the texture was overwritten but still keeps it's changeable color properties similar to the Mimica. 



For quick reference, here is the Corbu. 



Here is a shot of it in game using the Mimica.



I don't know how many people have encountered this bug or why it's still here after two months. I would like to see this fixed, but if it is low priority I understand. 

And nothing against the Corbu or anything, but the design doesn't go well with the default Shawzin sound I have to say. 

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