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Different Mod Offerings When Purchasing Plat Bundles?


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When I started Warframe, I saw that the top 3 platinum bundles came with a mod or multiple mods, including thunderbolt, handspring and retribution. These days it has shred, vigor, and lethal torrent. I was thinking that maybe we could change these out. My main gripe is that why pay for those nightmare dual stat mods when they have a high percentage of reward compared to others? I'd rather just do nightmare missions to get those. Now I want hammer shot really badly now, and the 1% is kind of intimidating. I know a few people are looking for that and blaze as well.


So, maybe sometime in the future the mod offering in the plat bundles can include hammer shot, blaze and one other mod. This can get people more interested in buying these bundles if they have rare mods like that. And heck, why not switch them periodically, perhaps every month?



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