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So Uh. Affinity Booster.



Is there some kind of bug not giving you more exp or something?

It seems that whenever I have the booster on I'm getting a significantly less amount of exp.


Without the booster I get about 25k exp on kappa. Without bonus exp applied and killing a fair amount with just a single weapon.  (On one occasion I got nearly 100k warframe exp for my mag prime, dealing almost 90% of the damage and about 500 kills or so. So maybe the booster just wants to work sometimes?)


With the booster I get about 15k exp. With the same variables applying AND bonus exp applied.

Perhaps a ninja nerf on exp rates? Uhm yeah. I've asked people in game and they've said that they've been getting less exp as well. 

My first booster was from the raptr thing, and I thought it was just a bug for that booster, but then I bought a booster from the Market and the same thing happened. 


A little help would be appreciated. 

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Break open one of those storage units and grab an affinity orb (white ones). With the affinity booster, they should give you 200affinity.


Another tip, look at the exp gained from heavy units (grineer). It should be in the 1000 range, as that's what I'm getting on Kappa. 

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100k for the frame alone is more like quadruple XP rates, that said I've been occasionally noticing a new bug where XP numbers won't pop for enemies, despite seeing them die. It might simply be that this started occuring shortly before you grabbed a booster. Watch out for XP numbers in the match and see if any of them don't pop (it may be related to M Prime, the time I first caught it had two novas, and it was particularly obvious since with both of them spamming M Prime my results should've been extraordinarily better than they were).

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