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What changes/additions to Warframe would YOU, specifically, want right now?

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Rework abilities that destroy gameplay and make the game boring.

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59 minutes ago, HoustonDragon said:

Please no. The fighters are even in Veil are frankly just boring to mow through for the quantity. I'd really prefer to see some more variety in the enemies than just the Grineer ones; let's get some Corpus and Sentient fighters and crewships out there.

How is it boring when it takes about 10 seconds to clear every ship off the screen (- Crewships) no matter how many are there... in any map? Are you using a MK1 Photor and no Flux-based weaponry?

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Option to hide quivers at all times.

Endless Nightwave Intermission between regular nightwave season. An automated system that resets the NW when we reach 30, replacing mods and other items like vanity things with credits while keeping umbra forma etc. That way a 6 month intermission wont feel so horrible when they work on upcoming nightwaves.

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I want the engine changed so that as you turn your camera, even friggin circles don't turn into ovals. Cant stand that oldskewl S#&$. What is this, 2004?

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What I want is... a bit tricky.

I want Warframe's community to be grow properly, instead of forced growth with paid promotions and the CC program. Warframe is not a new game by any stretch, yet it still feels that the only high quality content is being supported by DE, instead of growing out of the love and joy of the game (think of TF2's community for example).

I want a major rework on the rivens. Enough of the nonsense with attaining them, enough with the "well prime will have different dispo", the roll system, the clearly good/bad outliners for stats.

I want DE to decide, if the power is within the player or within the Game. Enough with the changes that tunnel in Lith, Meso and Neo levels of content (hell even Axi to some extend).

I want excellence to be recognized by DE, either via achievements, hosting tournaments or by getting higher tier rewards if you do specific things within the missions (no damage taken/full stealth run/ speed run and so).

I want system like Lol's eternal for Warframe.

I want a reason to play good, instead of passable, and the reason not to be "well you finish up the grind a bit faster".

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I want them to add a lot more events, challenges, battles in the open worlds. DE made them, now add a pile of things to do in them. So much potential there. 

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Little Stuff:

Ditch-yer-Lich option

Changes to status effects (eg return of old Blast)

No self stagger OR self-damage

Big Stuff

Phasing Railjack back out of the game

6-8 new enemy factions

Jungle “open world” (for the WF definition of open world, which is more like “big area”)

Trimming down and streamlining the stable of frames (yes, I mean deleting some frames and combining others)


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A new more aesthetically remastered levels that compliments zephyr at maxed out limits that dont reset me if I fly too far and get rid of all levels that don't support what the game has to offer

More emergence in gameplay loops

Full 3d camera control 

A long needed charge jump

Better control and weaponized hoverboards or ability to use weapons on them... eh just add hovetbikes it's just cooler than boards 

Ability to use archwing anywhere...anywhere!!! U can use aw in vallis caves but not Poe? And why is water out of bounds on open world? There should b an underground cave system equal to above ground

Outside archwing/ship levels integrated into regular tile sets

A pass that attempts to infuse all possible augments into frames making them more robust at the vanilla/basic.

I want to call orbiter from the plains or vallis and travel anywhere on starcraft

Call a weapon load out drop pod without leaving open world 

A redone run animation, the current is so stilted. And some frames just run too slow at basic. Also every frame should have a faster sprint when held for a certain amount of time.

Codex and game systems combined with search functionality

More control over color channels and ability to off/on tassles and danglies 

Tennogen for railjack 

Hire a UI developer who gets it!

A script that recognizes broken progression problems and fixes it!

Better odds for vandal weapons...which is straight ridiculous 

A new nightwave every two months 

Bosses that move around like monster hunter or lost planet and any boss that just sits there should put down!

All enemies redone to reflect damage and broken armor kind of like Arthur on ghost and goblins. Leaving grineer and the rest standing there in their skinnies (nothing is more pleasing than reducing things by weapons fire).

Que foundry building 

Full color options for pets(y not)

Ship to ship trading/boarding and a storefront where I can set prices and sell while in mission.

Redo all in mission dialogue or add a more quips and phrases on a carousel and add more to that every update! 

More mid tier enemies throughout missions

Every, every, every mission with choice to leave area or option to...being held hostage bcuz someone wants to collect syndicates and I'm blazing thru on nightwave fodder?

To login without clicking 4 layers of entry to begin playing

Better edge scrambling for operator having trouble getting up and over ledges. Depending on which angle your looking in the frame can have the same trouble. Seeing like there is a lip under edges stopping up and over

Leaving weapons in mission show up at darvos removing it from your inventory which requires a rebuild but not re-forma! Same with zanuka>rebuilt to b a challenge for frames.

Just like the juggling system>quicktime event added to knock backs for a chance to land on my feet>lost gameplay.

Railjack ship redesign>terrible layout 

Custom nightwave challenges> activities with numerical values to build your own 

Rid all levels of questionable out of bounds limits i.e stop Arbitrarily putting them in nonsensical areas

To be continued...


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  • Organic conservation.  Echolures/scents would be optional.  Otherwise you just have to whip out your tranq rifle on different parts of a map to make critters spawn around you.  
  • Relic rework.  1st,  void trace would get farmed in every mission not just fissures.  2nd,  You would not have to find 3 other people with the same exactly relic/refinement to pop relics with.  You would go into a random squad with 3 other people.   Whatever relic YOU brought gets cloned to there other people in your squad who completed the fissure.  I would see x4 Axi V7 radiant rewards at the end because thats what i brought,  you would see x4 Axi A6 flawless because thats what you brought.    Doesnt do anything we can not already do,  just lets us skip the part where you have to recruit 3 other people for a specific relic.  This lets you work on any relic , with 3 randoms. (everything is still divided by lith,meso,neo,axi)
  • An item for Dojo that controls the exact spot people portal into.....  (can be put into any room, not just the current limited number of spawn rooms).
  • Alternate orbiter interior layouts
  • The ability to resize decorations in orbiter (jesus wtf cant we do this, it would be awesome)
  • Mandachord 2.0.  8/16/32 bar songs.  The ability to stretch notes.  Other basic music editing techniques.
  • Complete Plains of Eidolon map redo.   Props to the remaster, but if you have the tech to make them as big as OV, they need to ALL be that size.  

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