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Frakta Shoulder Guard (Nightwave Season 3 armor) positioned unevenly

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(I realize that this is a bit premature, since it'll be a while before anyone even unlocks this item.)

Basically what the title says-- the Frakta shoulder guard (absolutely gorgeous, btw) isn't positioned symmetrically. Specifically, the right shoulder guard seems slightly "rolled" towards the chest compared to the left shoulder, which (on top of looking wonky due to the unintended asymmetry) causes it to clip with bulky chest armors like Saturn Six chest guard.


I have it shown here on a Mag Prime, but the exact same issue is present on the other frames that I checked as well-- Equinox, Umbra, Rhino Palatine, Wukong Prime, Wukong Samadhi, etc. Hopefully this can be fixed before the item becomes obtainable!

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