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Talus Sector?


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To start off, I would just say it from the beginning of the mission intro, I recieved a random FLASH of light. The Talus Sector_ UI just popped out of nowhere and stays there for forever. I ignored it for a few minutes, thinking that it would go away. It eventually just stays.


Now am not sure what is 'Talus Sector'. Is it a old translation of the mission? An old name for the mission? What you do believe? A easter egg for guesses?


It kinda kills me as a curious cat. I only have little information to this.





*Broken Ragdoll physics can't get any old.*






Anyone had this before?

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Talus may refer to:

  • Talus (fortification), a sloped portion of a fortified wall // (Feasible explanation)
  • Talus, California, a community in Inyo County          // (Nah, Grineer turned earth into dump)
  • Talus bone, an ankle bone                                     // (Insert Bone joke here)
  • Talus, fictional planet in Star Wars                         //(COPYRIGHT OMG)
  • Talus, fictional, a character in the 1959 short story "The Waiting Grounds" by J.G. Ballard //(Hayden was also timetraveller?)
  • Talus, an electronic design automation tool by Magma Design Automation                       //(what now?)
  • Broken rock at the base of a high place, also called scree                                              //( Rock is never broken)
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