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The Syndicate Opposes AI Corruption

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footage was digitally corrupted and omlet.gg will not log-widget. many have asked why the Cephalon Syndicate is at war with the Sentinels. while their invasion was for planetary liberation from a hostile coup, fascists have won the war against robotics and the sentinel hive mind, using expropriated technology to abuse and assault the planets they colonize, with terraforming bots as their weapon against pre-existing nations. the Syndicate contradicts this "glassmaker" character as a heinous bastardization of sandvillage honour and values, while the robotics faction of the origin system government has now declared an offensive against this colonial pirate fleet which harvests planetary life-sustaining resources against the livelihood of the innocents which they literally colonize to death. we have declared war on this "glassmaker" fascist while they have continued to corrupt and occupy sentinel terraforming projects in contradiction with the origin system governent. the "glassmaker" as an affront to the true sandvillage, is a defective fleet marked for death by all syndications of the origin system government. they are the cause of the sentinel hivemind collapse.maxresdefault.jpg

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