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Rubedo and Gallium Deposits And Decorations Are Too Dark And Dull

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Currently, both Rubedo and Gallium Deposits and their respective smaller versions/decorations appear dark, dull, and matte - irrespective of lighting conditions. They both appear to be missing specular or reflection maps that used to make them look shiny in previous builds of the game. Screenshots for both are below.





How it's supposed to look (bright, shiny reflections):


(Video credit: Zilaria on Youtube)







How it's supposed to look (white, lustrous hue):


(Video credit: Zilaria on Youtube)

Note how especially in Gallium's case, the trademark white luster it used to have is completely gone - replaced by a dull, blueish green color - even on the surface of Mars which is outdoors and very bright, or even after moving the decoration into direct light at the front of the orbiter. This is what makes me think the bug is caused by a missing specular or reflection map that would normally define the shiny part of Gallium and Rubedo.

I should also note that this bug has been in the game for over 2 years now, as reported by examples here, here, and here from January 2018 that have since been archived, and a more recent one from November 2019 here. My screenshots are from the latest build of the game (May 2020). As this issue is still present and affects purchasable decorations I would like to see this fixed.

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