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More Interactivity With The Surroundings?


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As of now, players only have a few options limited to combat outside of direct damage (weapons, abilities, sentinels) such as blowing out the windows on a ship, or shooting up some explosive barrels (please add in any more, those are just the first two that come to mind).


So what more can we do?



More Canisters


Firstly, there should be more (and separate) canisters for each map type (Corpus have High-tech looking canisters, grineer have the current barrels, and the orokin canisters and so on).



EMP - Upon detonation, release a short-range magnetic pulse that drains around 25% of player energy and staggers enemies.


Acid - Upon destruction, these release a fluid that deals minor explosive damage and temporarily weakens enemy and player armor


Pressurized Gas - When destroyed, emits a loud BANG and knocks down players and enemies. Can destroy windows easily


Napalm - Acts like an incendiary charge, leaving a fire hazard behind for a short time


Reactive Gas - When destroyed, a very lethal concentration of radioactive gas is let loose around a large area as it diffuses, lowering enemy accuracy and causing them to orient themselves around it.




Physics Destruction


Unless DE considers revamping their physics engine, this may not be as a viable idea as the others, but some form of limited map destruction such as shooting out lights or blasting a control panel as an enemy is running to it may inspire more variety in gun and gameplay. This may also remove the need for objects such as containers and barrels to be limited to a static model, and thus may open possibilities to picking up and moving objects around.


(Maybe DE already has an engine capable of doing this, but I don't work for them so... :p)




Alternatives To Certain Actions


Say for instance, you see an enemy running to a control panel, to stop him? Shoot him senseless until he stops moving. Another option (that I propose)? Shoot the control panel (or do this before your detected, CHECKMATE CORPUS CREWMAN). This however, will completely disable the control console, which may leave the player stranded, but with more options for escape... (This may only apply if the physics destruction is implemented)


Vent shafts should be endless possibilities! Instead of shooting out malfunctioning air vents, players should be able to blast off ANY air vent, giving an impromptu (or a promptu) escape/entry whenever needed! Other methods such as shooting off small grates (to crouch in) may also apply. You know that one room in the Corpus Ship that requires you to enter that huge ceiling shaft? Leave it closed, and let players figure out which paths they want to take


All in all, this is basically a call to more diversity in player choice regarding level progression; rather than following the big yellow exclamation point, players should be able to carve out their path, with the objective marker serving as a guide.



Extravehicular Activity


Now this one may be quite a stretch, but players may be able to (momentarily) spend some time in outer space, while being mindful of their shields and health. A team of players could even breach different parts of the ship (reinforced glass only, to keep it balanced...somewhat). This may ultimately lead to a rework in level design formulation and gameplay, but I really do want to go off slicing Grineer Troopers outfitted with EVA suits while in zero gravity, all while floating through a partially destroyed Grineer Galleon.

(Or this may be a new environmental hazard? Or tileset?)


With the upcoming Grineer Shipyard Tileset, I was thinking if the Tenno could possibly enter the tileset through an underwater, low-profile entrance? The dropship would insert the Tenno in a shallow (but still deep enough to swim). Players could then use the docks to enter the tileset, or enter a sewage tunnel underwater and work their way inside the Shipyard. Deeper underwater tilesets could be included, such as an Underwater Oil Rig (for Grinner or Corpus), or exploring submerged Grineer submarines and galleons/fomorians inside the Shipyard Tileset.


P.S. Post your suggestions and ideas on this topic and I'll tweak the main post with the good stuff!

P.S.S. Oh yeah, and make me famous ;>>

P.S.S.S. Check out my other topics on gameplay!

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•1: More canisters is a yes. Explosive barrels aren't even that useful past level twenty to be honest. Adding more types of barrels may add to the explosive fun!

•2: A destructible environment would be pretty sick. Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel comes to mind, where you can actually break apart cover by shooting it! Enemies can do the same to you as well. This is not the first game to do this, Red Faction: Guerrilla also did the same thing with destructible environments.

However, as you have mentioned, this would require an extensive rework of the game's engine.

•3: I think that destroying the panel entirely is a bit too much. Maybe disabling it for about fifteen seconds or so?

I agree with the air vents though. I feel reminiscent of Batman: Arkham Asylum as you move down the vents and use them as a vantage point to flank your enemies. Warframe could do with things like this!

•4: Alright this one IS a bit of a stretch. Cool idea, but unnecessary in my opinion.

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Again, its all added for the purpose of more player perspective and vantage points.


Once the achievement system is implanted, one of them could be like,

Unorthodox Pathfinder

"You sure hate doors don't you?"

Complete an entire mission without passing through a single door.




But yeah, mainly for gameplay purposes :P

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These are all great ideas and I would be very happy to see them implemented.


Sadly, DE is more cautious than ambitious. These features would require a lot of work, and the reward would be chanced. The missions need more diversity like this. I really hope they put this on a note for later.

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