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Cant Sprint Jump


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I play this game for 200h ... so i kinda know the "moves" that w can do ... but after this patch i cant do the following:


 - sprint + jump

 - sprint + jump + crouch

 - wall climb


The one thing possible it's to crouch for the slide, any other action i try to do while i have shift pressed (sprint) doesnt happen.


Yes i can jump, but not while im sprinting.

Yes i did changed Jump keybind ... but even then it's the same.


This makes impossible to reach alot of locations because i cant do the "parkour"


Why could i do this before ? And why cant i do it now ? I didnt changed keyboard or keybinds ...


Hope u can help me out ... because it's very very frustrating to play like this.

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I didn't even know you could jump while sprinting, I always thought you had to slow before you could...

I've been playing this game wrong the whole time.


How did you ever do wallruns? Or dragon kicks? Hell, even the vertical wallrun is almost necessary to get out of a certain part in the Grineer Asteroid Base in Mercury!


OT: That sounds really off. As you could probably tell already, not many people are having any problem of the sort.

Try reinstalling/verifying the game files?

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