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Which Arrow For Loki



I have recently finished to build the Paris bow and find it fine, it's level 10 at this time


But, I have looted the sheme for Dread bow. I have no information for this weapon. It's said it is a good weapon for Stalker.


Does some one know what is this Dread bow and if it is a better weapon than Paris or not ?


Thanks for info



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Paris deals 100 Physics Impact damage, which ignores armor against everything but Seekers and Commanders.


Dread deals 150 Blade damage, which doesnt ignore armor but does 3x against Lesser Infested. It also has higher crit damage, at 200% instead of Paris' 150%


Dread is better than Paris, and around even with Paris Prime.

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And what is the difference between armore ignore and Armor-piercing ?

Ignoring Armor doesn't apply armor affects to damage calculations.

Armor Piercing works differently, but ultimately, does many of the same things. it doesn't apply armor, it's a more effective damage type than Armor Ignore(Physics Impact) against most enemies, though does only 50% damage to Light Infested.


most of the time you'll find these two damage types to be very similar.



on topic:

Paris Ignores Armor, but Dread has higher Damage / Crit Damage and the Arrow flies slightly faster. 

your decision.



Blade damage also has a trice multiplier against Light Infested. but using one sniper ammo to kill a single light Infested unit, heh.


Paris will deal reliable damage to all enemy types, but Dread can deal higher damage provided you always are hitting weakpoints.


don't be fooled by users which may tell you one weapon is better than another, it's their opinion. make your own opinion, decide for yourself.

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I'd stick with Dread if you're aim is good, the lack of armor ignore means it will have some damage reduction against armored targets, but it has greater base damage, critical damage, and x3 damage against non-ancient infested. The only downsides are fact that it's pretty weak without crit mods (but both bows are) and, again, headshots matter a lot more with the Dread than the Paris.

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Dread has better damage and it has innate armor-ignore

No it doesn't...

It has higher base damage, but won't ignore armor. It's much better than Paris when hitting enemy weak points, though.

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And what is the difference between armore ignore and Armor-piercing ?

Armor Ignore is an attribute of a damage type that lets the damage... Well, ignore armour. It deals full damage to health regardless of how absurdly high the enemy's armor is.

Armor Piercing is a damage type, just like Bullet, Ice, Physics Impact, etc., except this is one of the few that innately ignore armour.

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Dread is armor piercing. Paris is ignore.

Dread is blade(3x against infested no armor ignore) paris is physical impact(ignore most armor except some)
Despair is Armor pierce but it is throwing weapon also dropped by stalker
if compare with paris take dread but paris prime is better without armor pierce mods(but looks ugly)
i think yo should get both of them even if you dont like them get the mastery points Edited by KiLLeRZ-PRO_XXX
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