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Help Fix Nyx!1!1! (That Rhymes) (Im Back Baby) (V2)


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So this time its a shorter one.

I just want to remove psy bolts and change it to a completely new power...

I'm saying this because Nyx's psy bolts just don't "suit" (no pun intended) her theme.

Absorb does, because it makes enemies draw aggro because of Nyx's mindcontrol stuff and all that stuff.

I'm half saying this because it doesn't "suit" her, and just because its kind of useless...

Now I know I might get a bit of hate, but come on, psy bolts is useless, it doesn't fit her theme, and its boring... (unless you keep spamming it, and even then its still pretty crappy)


I know you guys at DE can do it, because you've done it with Rhino... (I forgot which ability) but still..

As long as the new ability isn't Desecrate V2, it should be all good...


Also, post suggestions on what you want it to be...

Also (part 2), dont flame or troll or hate or any of that S#&$s on this post or any other person idea.. Why? Because these are just "ideas".


Also (part 3), The shade ghost absorb bug thing came back D:


Also (part 4) YES! 669th post!

Also (part 5) I figured if I put !!'s and then some 1's so it looks like this, !1!!!1!!!!, I would have more success because it would seem like I really mean it. Pretty smart eh?

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Make it a CC ability. Have the bolts stun enemies for a couple seconds. Also, have the number of bolts be increased by power strength, in addition to/instead of increasing their individual damage (not that many people are going to bring focus on Nyx).

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