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[Feedback, Suggestion, Request] Why Is Gamepad Support So Limited?


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I have a SteelSeries 3GC gamepad that is about a couple years old.
I'd like to understand why it, nor almost any other gamepad short of an X360 controller is not compatible.
I actively use both kb/m and gamepad.

I'm not trying to come across as accusatory, but what's the conspiracy here?


Same went for Crysis (it has gamepad support, sike, X360 gamepad support), and quite a number of games. If this is some kind of underhanded maneuver on M$' part to get people to buy X360 controllers, then I'm sorry, I'm not going to budge. I'd rather buy a controller on its merit vs. competition instead of because it's the only thing they want developers to support. Call me picky. Considering all the fallout the Xbox One has suffered... M$ seems to have a very bad habit of irking people off.

...and if this x360-only policy that Warframe and other developers seem to be employing is because of M$, then I'm afraid M$ is just irking people off some more, myself included. Not that they care.



Considering that I hear this game is coming out for the PS4, I can imagine that the X360-only policy is not going to stand indefinitely. 

Again, why is there no support for generic gamepads? I really would like some support for it.

If there is no intention to add support for other gamepads, we may as well adjust Warframe's menu UI to explicitly say "X360 Controller", so that there is no misunderstanding, and players won't feel as much disappointment.

No expectations, no disappointments right?

EDIT: swapped "pissing" for "irking", not sure when that become a bad word.

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