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Dual Prime Pistols


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As you add more Prime pistols (such as the Furis, Vasto, Bolto, and the already-added Bronco Prime), please allow us to make dual-wielded versions.



The process could be simple. 2 of the Prime pistols + 3-5 Orokin cells for the dual weapon should do it. These serve as extra secondary Prime options that don't require the addition of more content or expanding the loot tables further.

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We have currently only two prime sidearms: Bronco Prime and Lato Prime (founders reward).

If any pistols deserve to came out as prime then in following priority:

0. Sicarius Prime

1. Furis Prime

2. Lex Prime

3. Bolto Prime

4. Kunai Prime or Vasto Prime

5. Afuris Prime

6. Akbolto Prime

7. Dual Bronco Prime

8. Dual Vasto Prime

Aklato prime: big NO because of founders reward. Otherwise there is a better balance between Dual and Single sidearms.

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